Tennis & Yoga Retreat Report


After this high energy weekend,  I think its fair to say that it was a BIG success. Annabel and Amber had some challenges due to the Inclement weather on Friday and Saturday,  but because the programme and guests were flexible and accommodating respectively, all sessions went ahead without a hitch.  I think the key to this was communication helped by the Whatsapp group with all guests that Amber setup.  The sound healing class by Estela Mulher on Thursday was a new experience to many in the group,  truly wonderful and set the scene for the days ahead.  Friday morning, Annabel took the group through her favourite drills to get the heart pumping,  “doesn’t matter where the ball goes”  she’s says,  “I just want you to hit and work on you’re technique”  Following the two hours on court,  time to relax,  have some lunch before the afternoon Yin Yoga session with Amber.

Each morning our guests were treated to a Pure natural Juice before hitting the mat with Amber and then heading to the resturant for a delicious buffet breakfast.  The freshly made Omelette seemed a popular choice before freshening up and slipping into Tennis kit.  

Annabel had her two coaches,  Brunno and Amadis to support her.  Fabulous to have this group of 10 split into 3 smaller groups over  3 Tennis courts,  alternating court every 20 minutes and not only learning from Annabel,  but both Brunno and Amadis.  Each day Annabel wanted to Focus on specific shots,  “today we are working on our volleys” she informs everyone.  The Volley is one of Annabel’s favourite shots which she loves to teach.

After 3 full days of fun activity,  it was time to celebrate in the Lemon Square with a glass of Champagne before guests departed the following day. Thank you for being such a fun and friendly group.  Cheers everyone,  we hope to see you next time… x Namaste x

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